Create unsupervised dataset (from text file)

Create an unsupervised dataset from a tabulated text file and store the result as a pickle file. The format matches that of the FORCE Higher Level Sampling Submodule. An example file (force_features.csv) can be found in the EnMAP-Box testdata folder).


  1. Open the algorithm from the processing toolbox.

  2. Select the files containing your features, then click run.

  3. The output classification dataset will be listed under Models in your Data Sources panel.


File with features [file]

Text file with tabulated feature data X (no headers). Each row represents the feature vector of a sample.


Output dataset [fileDestination]

Pickle file destination.

Command-line usage

>qgis_process help enmapbox:CreateUnsupervisedDatasetFromTextFile:


featureFile: File with features
    Argument type:  file
    Acceptable values:
            - Path to a file
outputUnsupervisedDataset: Output dataset
    Argument type:  fileDestination
    Acceptable values:
            - Path for new file


outputUnsupervisedDataset: <outputFile>
    Output dataset