Apply mask layer to raster layer

Areas where the mask layer evaluates to false are set to the source no data value (0, if undefined).


  1. Open the algorithm from the processing toolbox.

  2. Select a raster layer to be masked as well as a the corresponding mask, then click run.

  3. The output raster can be found under Rasters in the Data Source Panel


Raster layer [raster]

Source raster layer.

Mask layer [layer]

A mask layer.


Output raster layer [rasterDestination]

Raster file destination.

Command-line usage

>qgis_process help enmapbox:ApplyMaskLayerToRasterLayer:


raster: Raster layer
    Argument type:  raster
    Acceptable values:
            - Path to a raster layer
mask: Mask layer
    Argument type:  layer
    Acceptable values:
            - Path to a vector, raster or mesh layer
outputRaster: Output raster layer
    Argument type:  rasterDestination
    Acceptable values:
            - Path for new raster layer


outputRaster: <outputRaster>
    Output raster layer