Subset raster layer bands

Subsets raster layer bands and stores the result as a VRT file.This is a slimmed down version of the more powerful “Translate raster layer” algorithm.


Raster layer [raster]
Source raster layer.
Selected bands [band]
Bands to subset and rearrange. An empty selection defaults to all bands in native order.
Exclude bad bands [boolean]

Whether to exclude bad bands.

Default: False


Output raster layer [rasterDestination]
Raster file destination.

Command-line usage

>qgis_process help enmapbox:SubsetRasterLayerBands:


raster: Raster layer
    Argument type:  raster
    Acceptable values:
            - Path to a raster layer
bandList: Selected bands (optional)
    Argument type:  band
    Acceptable values:
            - Integer value representing an existing raster band number
excludeBadBands: Exclude bad bands
    Default value:  false
    Argument type:  boolean
    Acceptable values:
            - 1 for true/yes
            - 0 for false/no
outputRaster: Output raster layer
    Argument type:  rasterDestination
    Acceptable values:
            - Path for new raster layer


outputRaster: <outputRaster>
    Output raster layer