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Your feedback is more than welcome! In case you encounter any problems with the EnMap-Box or have suggestions of any kind for improving it (or this documentation), please let us know!


It’s best to report issues (bugs, suggestions etc.) via our Bitbucket Repository.


This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the EnMAP-Box. Feel free to suggest new entries!

How do I…

install QGIS on Windows without having administrative rights?

  • yes, it is possible to install and run QGIS withouht any admin rights on windows. Read install_qgis_windows for more details on this.

How can I solve the following error…

Error loading the plugin

In case of missing requirements you should see an error message like this


In that case please make sure you installed all missing packages, in this example pyqtgraph and sklearn are missing.

Wrong value for parameter MSYS

This error sometimes occurs when activating the EnMAP-Box AlgorithmProvider in Windows. Please install the msys (command line utilities) package with the OSGeo4W package installer.

This plugin is broken: ‘module’ object has not attribute ‘GRIORA_NearestNeighbor’

Your GDAL version seems to be outdated. update it to a version > 2.0