• You can get the latest version of the EnMAP-Box HERE.
  • The EnMAP-Box plugin requires QGIS Version 3.0 or higher
  • Additional python packages are needed and some of them are not delivered with the standard QGIS python environment, hence they have to be installed manually.

    Follow installation instructions depending on your operating system:

Install QGIS (if required)

The EnMAP-Box is a plugin for QGIS and therefore QGIS version 3 or higher has to be installed. In case you have not installed it yet, you can get QGIS here.

For additional information on the installation you might want to have a look at the QGIS Documentation.

Install python packages (if required)

The EnMAP-Box requires the following python packages in order to run:

Most of them do not come with the default QGIS installation. Follow the platform-specific installation instructions below in order to install them, in case you have not done so already.


  1. Close QGIS, if it has been opened.

  2. Start the OSGeo4W Shell osgeoicon with admin rights.

    • Start Menu ‣ QGIS 3.xx ‣ OSGeo4W Shell ‣ Right-Click ‣ Run as administrator



      If you used the OSGeo4W Installer to install QGIS, the OSGeo4W Shell will be listed under OSGeo4W in the Start Menu

  3. Activate the Python 3 Environment calling:

    call py3_env.bat
  4. To install packages like setup-tools, scipy or matplotlib, start the OSGeo4W installer by calling


    Which should open up the following dialog:



    Visit OSGeo FAQ page for information on the installer.

    Now navigate through the first pages of the dialog, by selecting the following settings (see animated Figure below for help):

    • Advanced Installation Next
    • Installation from Internet Next
    • default OSGeo4W root directory Next
    • local temp directory Next
    • direct connection Next
    • Select downloadsite http://download.osgeo.ogr Next

    Then use the textbox to filter, select and install the following packages:

    • setuptools
    • python3-numpy
    • python3-pip
    • python3-scipy
    • python3-matplotlib

    Click on the osgeoinstaller symbol once, which should usually change the Skip setting to installing the most recent version. Click Next AFTER you selected all demanded packages.


    Animated walkthrough for the OSGeo4W Setup

  5. Install the remaining python packages using pip in the OSGeo4W Shell

    python3 -m pip install pyqtgraph
    python3 -m pip install sklearn
    python3 -m pip install astropy



Linux installation of a recent QGIS 3 version (not tested yet)


  1. Open the terminal and install all missing packages using pip:

    python3 -m pip install scipy
    python3 -m pip install matplotlib
    python3 -m pip install sklearn
    python3 -m pip install pyqtgraph
    python3 -m pip install astropy

Install or update the EnMAP-Box

  1. Download the latest EnMAP-Box from

  2. Start QGIS 3 and open Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins > Install from ZIP.

  3. Select the downloaded and start Install plugin.



    This may take a few moments!

  4. Start the EnMAP-Box via the icon icon.