Build and publish the EnMAP-Box

Build the EnMAP-Box Plugin

Building the EnMAP-Box plugin is done by creating a zip file which the QGIS Plugin Manager can use to install the EnMAP-Box. This requires that you have setup your development environment as described in the installation for developers


python scripts/

creates or updates the folder deploy with:

  • the folder enmapboxplugin. It contains the plugin code and additional files

  • a file named like This is the enmapboxplugin` folder compresses as zip file, which can be used by the QGIS Plugin Installer to install the EnMAP-Box.

Using the -t keyword adds the EnMAP-Box test data, so that you can use and test the EnMAP-Box in QGIS with having example data already installed.


The <subsubversion> consists of <date>T<time>.<active branch> and is generated automatically.

This helps to generate, test and differentiate between EnMAP-Box versions of different development steps.

A successful build ends with a printout like:

### To update/install the EnMAP-Box, run this command on your QGIS Python shell:

from pyplugin_installer.installer import pluginInstaller
#### Close (and restart manually)

QProcess.startDetached(QgsApplication.arguments()[0], [])

## press ENTER

Copy and run it in your QGIS python shell to install the build EnMAP-Box plugin and restart QGIS. Alternatively, you can install the plugin in QGIS with a few mouse clicks more by:

  1. Open the QGIS Plugin Manager

  2. Install from ZIP with the created ZIP file

  3. Restart QGIS to account for activate changes in python code

Build the EnMAP-Box documentation

To create the HTML based documentation on your local system call:

cd doc
make html

This creates the folder doc/build with the HTML documentation. To view the documentation, just open doc/build/html/index.html in your webbrowser of choice.

Publish the EnMAP-Box

Official EnMAP-Box plugin master versions are named like They need to be uploaded to using an OSGeo account.

Other versions, e.g. development snapshots are named like or and might be distributed using the repositories download section

Updates to the EnMAP-Box documentation (folder doc/source) are detected by readthedocs when pushed to the develop or master branch of the EnMAP-Box repository.