Stack raster layers

Stack raster layers and store the result as a VRT file.This is a slimmed down version of the more powerful/complicated GDAL “Build virtual raster” algorithm. If you also want to delete or rearrange individual bands, just use the “Subset raster layer bands” algorithm afterwards.


Raster layers [multilayer]

Source raster layers.

Grid [raster]

Reference grid specifying the destination extent, pixel size and projection. If not defined, gdal.BuildVrt defaults are used.

Band [number]

Specify a band number used for stacking, instead of using all bands.


Output raster layer [rasterDestination]

Raster file destination.

Command-line usage

>qgis_process help enmapbox:StackRasterLayers:


rasters: Raster layers
    Argument type:  multilayer
grid: Grid (optional)
    Argument type:  raster
    Acceptable values:
            - Path to a raster layer
band: Band (optional)
    Argument type:  number
    Acceptable values:
            - A numeric value
outputRaster: Output raster layer
    Argument type:  rasterDestination
    Acceptable values:
            - Path for new raster layer


outputRaster: <outputRaster>
    Output raster layer