EnMAP-Box 3 Documentation

The EnMAP-Box is a python plugin for QGIS, designed to process and visualise hyperspectral remote sensing data.

Get going with the Installation and the Getting Started chapter. Have a look at the Cookbook for usage examples!

Key features

  • Extend your QGIS for remote sensing image analysis
  • Add powerful tools to process and analyse imaging spectroscopy data
  • Integrate machine learning algorithms into your image classification and regression with Random Forests, Support Vector Machines and many more
  • Create and manage spectral libraries with attribute data
  • Develop your own image processing algorithms using a powerful Python API


EnMAP-Box Version 3.7 released

Oct. 27, 2020

A new EnMAP-Box version has been released. It includes product readers for EnMAP L1B, L2C and L2A, PRISMA L2D and DESIS L2A images, and a first version of Spectral Math in the QGIS Expression Builder. A list of all improvements can be found in the changelog.


Andreas Rabe presented the EnMAP-Box at the FOSSGIS 2020 in Freiburg. See the full live-demo session here (german):

QGIS User Conference 2019

Two Presentations by EnMAP-Box developers Andreas Rabe and Benjamin Jakimow at the QGIS User conference in Coruña

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